Sacred Smoke: Crafting with local plants- Online Workshop


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Date: May 11,2023

Time: 7-8:30pm

Cost: $20 non-members, FREE for members

Since time immemorial, humans from all around the world have used plants to make fragrant smoke for disinfecting, energetic cleansing, blessing, protection, relaxation, dreamwork, etc.  In this zoom workshop, we will explore the many plant species growing in NB that can be used to make fragrant smoke, with an emphasis on naturalized European plants, abundant native species, and some common garden herbs. We will address how to avoid appropriation from Indigenous cultures and reconnect with  the use of sacred smoke from the European traditions.

The workshop leader, Maria Recchia, has been a student of herbalism and a great lover of plants for as long as she can remember.  From an Italian American family, she has a keen interest in the use of herbs for healing and spiritual practice from the southern European traditions.  As a settler in this beautiful place we call New Brunswick, Maria uses primarily naturalized and garden-grown European plants in her practice of medical and spiritual herbalism, to both honor her ancestry and preserve the many native plants that have become rare since colonialization.

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